Thick hair could be a blessing and a curse. You should learn to treat your thick hair in order to bless it rather than curse. Follow the tips to style thick hair.

First of all, you need to seek professional advice on how to cut. Go to a well-established lounge and note that you get what you pay for. But for subsequent visits you can see a lower price stylist. This designer will follow the higher-priced cut. If you have thick coarse hair, do not let a stylist use thinning shears or razor shears. They try to support you with all your thick hair, but it just gets worse.

The regular dry blow is the toughest part of thick hair. Rule number one, every day quit washing your hair. It is not good. It is not good. Your hair needs some natural oil to stay healthy and smooth. The cuticle is damaged by too much blow drying and heat styling. Only try washing your hair every 3 days. This will cut the heavy hair down to make it healthier and more manageable. Hair treated with color would also diminish. When you wash your hair, make sure you do a job.a ginger woman

You can need to lather and rinse twice with the shampoo. It is also advisable to invest in a hand-held shower head. This enables you to monitor the spray and fully rinse any product. Use a light also after applying and rinsing a deep conditioning treatment, leave in the stretching conditioner. Using a big tooth pebble to work through your hair. Wrap hair in a towel and let the towel drink water for about ten minutes. You may not have to use a brush when beginning the blow dry process until the hair is almost dry.

Then use a round brush with boar bristles and blow it out, brush it straight. It is normal for you to have a curly or wavy hair that you can add a curling cream before you blow dry and relax the curls as you dry them. You must also use a diffuser attachment for designing thick hair.

Thick hair styling in a straight style calls for a flat iron. Invest in high-end iron plated pottery. Thick hair requires even high heat. Separate the hair in quarter-inch pieces with clips and iron between the roots and the ends. Use a heat styling guard to avoid hair damage. Finish with a vivid, anti-frizzing serum.