Most of the women either with long or short hair likes to cut their hair and would like to have bangs. As the little fringe above their eyebrows adds up a pretty look and this make them to look very stylish with their outfit.

Having bangs gives a good-looking hairstyle but it is little hard to maintain as when you sleep with bangs and woke up in the morning there are chances of mess up with the bangs. It will also take more time to set the bangs back to normal whereas it is not easy when you are looking at people styling out with bangs as they will follow several steps to maintain it.

sleep with bangs

How to maintain the pretty bangs?

If you would like to wake up with pretty bangs then you have to do several things before going to bed. Through following the steps for maintaining the bangs let you to wake up without any collapse in your bangs so that you don’t need to face any complication with your hair style.

  • At first, need to brush the bangs from root to tip this will remove the product which can alter the shape of the hair within overnight.
  • Then make use of dry shampoo and spray them on the roots of the bangs to add volume also it helps in absorbing oil content which are produced during sleep.
  • Make use of regular dry shampoo if you have light color hair and if you have dark hair then seek for a clear formula.
  • Then based on your length of the hair cover up the bangs using a large or medium sized hair roller. The hair roller you are using must be capable of withstanding in night so it will help in keeping up the shape of the hair.

  • Use duck clips in the middle of the bangs and roller to keep them in a place.
  • After waking up remove the clip and roller then brush the bangs using comb or paddle brush until they gets settled down whereas this make bangs look good in the morning.
  • Even after doing all this also your bangs are looking little messed then just simply spritz a little water on them.
  • Then make use of a blow-dryer to puff the bangs using a small round brush and lightly spray with hairspray which can help to maintain the shape.